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Central America and Mexico NewsPaks:
Bi-weekly News Resources

Where else can you find the latest news about Central America and Mexico directly from the source? Central America and Mexico NewsPaks are compilations of current news articles from major Central American and Mexican newspapers, national newspapers and wire services and distributed bi-weekly by the Human Rights Documentation Exchange.

The NewsPaks are among the most comprehensive sources of information on politics, human rights, economics, and social unrest of each region available. They include the full-text of significant national newspaper articles about the regions, selected for their newsworthiness, clarity and diversity. Every issue also includes translations of selected articles from major Central American and Mexican newspapers and wire services. It is produced and mailed first class within 5 days of the close of the bi-weekly coverage period.

Take it from one of our subscribers:
"The NewsPaks have served as an invaluable source of information. …It would be a major effort to try to approximate anything similar." - Noam Chomsky

Download our subscription form (Acrobat Reader plug-in required) and send for a FREE sample issue:
PO Box 2327
Austin, TX 78768
tel: 512/476-9841
fax 512/476-0130